Hello From Vermont.

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    Any one else out there?

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    Hi @grooney,

    I'm not from Vermont, but I used to live in Massachusetts. I'd go up to Vermont a lot with my dad to go skiing. Loved Killington and Stowe. I know @Rich consults in Vermont a lot. If you like, drop him a private message on the forum...


  • Hey Grooney! I'm new to the forum and chose to respond to you to do two things...one, to say howdy (West Coast greeting, LOL) and to let you know that I used to go out to Vermont every summer to do instructor training before I sold the company to @Rich (DTS Consulting) and settled down in the state driver education administrator's job here in Oregon.
    Lots of fun memories over those 5 summers and great people. I don't know if it's still the same, but drivers were SO polite it was a little weird. :)

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    And for that I am truly grateful for the opportunity to teach in Vermont. Drivers are not quite as polite as they were when you were teaching there but they are still pretty polite. A little more so than in Oregon. Thanks for joining the forum.


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    @driveredoregon You're always welcome to return! I guess it depends on where in the state you are driving. Closer to Burlington and it gets a little less welcoming. Ahh, the big city!

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