Introducing Kiran Verma, retired manager at the California DMV

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    Thanks for agreeing to this interview, @kv! As someone with decades of experience at the California DMV, I look forward to hearing about your insights into the department's inner workings.

    Let's start with the basics. Would you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about the roles you served in at the California DMV.

    Full disclosure: Kiran is my mother-in-law!

  • Hi there, I am tickled to be invited to this forum. My name is Kiran Verma and after serving the motoring public for 28 plus years working for the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in California, I am presently living a retired life in Southern California. Since starting my career with DMV in 1983 as a front line techincian helping the motoring public obtain drivers licenses and registering their vehicles , I worked in every facet of the department including a couple years stint as a Drivers License Examiner administering behind the wheel driving tests to applicants for class A, B, C & M drivers license. I promoted through the ranks to Manager IV. One of my most rewarding assignment was working with the Drivers License redesign team as a field office representative. This cross divisional team was assigned the responsibility to explore existing procedures and programs, identify opportunities for improvement with a focus on streamlining the Drivers License process.

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    The licensing process redesign team project seems like important work. For many, especially teens, starting from square one to get a license can feel daunting. What were the improvements your team settled on, how did these improvements streamline the licensing process, and were the improvements ultimately successful?

  • Thanks for asking. Yes, the Drivers License Redesign team embarked on a very high profile project intended to develop business rules for prospective bidders for developing computer systems to replace the existing systems that were fast becoming unable to handle ever changing requirements. There were several recommendations that resulted in seemless flow of information between different stakeholders like courts and law enforcement. Several enhancements eliminated redundancies and reduced the wait times for delivery of licenses to customers and as such improving levels of service.

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    Sounds like a really worthwhile initiative. Nobody likes to wait in line at the DMV!

    It's funny how that experience is such a stock trope on TV and in movies. For example:

    You mention that you spent a couple years doing skills tests. Do you have any interesting stories from your days testing drivers out on the road?

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